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Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre (EDC) Offerings

Whatever challenges MSMEs face to Scale Business, EDC’s offerings are designed to help MSMEs hit its full potential for sustainability and growth. The development centre works in line with the vision of Government of India and focuses on transforming Indian MSMEs by going digital, incorporate best practices, execute efficient workflows, marketing strategies as well as being investment ready.

Business Transformation MasterClass

EDC’s business transformation masterclasses are led by CXOs and Industry Mentors who bring in decades of experience in scaleups, process engineering, fund raising, business growth, building sustainable practises and more. Each masterclass will impart quick tools that any business owner can take back and implement immediately.

EDC team will collaborate with MSMEs to focus on disruptions long wide array of processes such as:


  • Building Financial Acumen and Business Appreciation
  • Designing Cultural Landscape for Organisations
  • Creating Performance Orientation through Niche Tools and Methodologies
  • Building Innovation Pipeline and Cascading Innovation as a way of life
  • Developing matrices, tools and methods that are linked closely to critical business outcomes thus providing a substantial Return on Investment for each intervention

YUGMA Platform - Interns for MSMEs

YUGMA offers range of partnership models for both B-Schools and Corporates to build capabilities within students, build research oriented knowledge, derive new solutions to unique business problems and thus solve two critical challenges facing these segments– enhancing employability and access to future ready talent.

YUGMA Reach and Presence – 

Benefits of hiring interns from YUGMA platform are:

Additional Benefits – (Included in 6 Months & 12 Months Plan)


EDC’s Mentoring service is professional relationship where an experienced person (mentor) supports and encourages MSMEs (EDC Member/Mentee) to develop specific skills as well as knowledge that has the potential to improve a business’s performance. In other words, it’s a process of exchanging or transferring knowledge, experience as well as skills to find the right direction for scaling business.

Consulting MSMEs for Scaling Business:

MSMEs opting for 6 months or 12 months subscription plan can utilize EDC’s consulting services to scale business. The agenda for consulting session will be set after a discussion with EDC member and the empanelled consultants.

Benefits of EDC’s Consulting Services

  • Process driven scale up oriented approach
  • Access to pool of investors or networks for funding opportunities

From these customized Mentoring and Consulting services members of Entrepreneurs’ Development centre can scale their businesses by:

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