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About Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre

MVW-MSME Development Centre mentoring partner, in association with MSME Business Forum India presents entrepreneurs’ Development Centrewith an aim to empower Indian Entrepreneurs and their businesses through various programs led by industry leaders.

The primary mission of Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre is to help small, mid-size and developing businesses unlock their potential, scale faster and explore newer opportunities to boost their overall business efficiency.

Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre (EDC) offerings are designed for Indian MSMEs and would help them meet various challenges of growing business. Similarly, members of EDC can gain access to the customized services in line with their business

requirement i.e. regarding production, supply-chain, finance, joint-venture, mergers, raising capital or any other specific needs that shall come along the way.

Who Can Benefit from Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre?

Micro Business Owners

Small Business Owners

Medium Business Owner


Development Centre Offerings

Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre Offerings

  • Business Transformation MasterClass
  • YUGMA Platform – Hire Interns for MSMEs

Additional Benefits

  • Mentoring MSMEs
  • Consulting MSMEs for Scaling Business

Want to Know More?

Why Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre (EDC)?

India’s growth relies considerably on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that contribute significantly to the GDP. In view of its significance, Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre (EDC) aims to provide adequate support to ensure Indian MSMEs’ are able to achieve desired growth, especially in this post-pandemic era.

The current economic situation is also not conducive to Indian MSMEs as it prevents this sector from functioning well. Similarly, Entrepreneurs (big or small) experience business challenges all the same. There are great risks involved and it takes a lot of courage, perseverance as well as patience to reach the top of the ladder.

As a result, to ensure Indian MSMEs’ are able to overcome their business challenges. Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre offerings for MSMEs are backed by industry leaders who bring the wealth of real world experiences and factual growth strategies.

It would help Entrepreneurs and MSMEs get hold of the valuable knowledge for managing business operations, implementing best practices and more.

Major Challenges Faced by MSME Sector:

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We help Indian MSMEs transform their business, unlock true potential, incorporate efficient work practices, scale faster and accelerate their growth.

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